Anglican Explorers has been entrusted with a critical task. 

Our mission:


  • To recruit, train and send church Planters into the towns, cities and suburbs of Canada
  • Develop a registry of potential mentors from amongst our retired clergy to support Planters and Projects
  • To identify, encourage and support Seed Groups as they arise and to match them with Planters
  • Provide seed money for small initiatives as resources allow.
  • Help Projects become Plants, and Plants become Parishes.
  • Provide educational options and resources to train Planters and lay leaders
  • Develop national and regional leadership that will carry forward the priority of planting churches across Canada in innovative ways.
  • Develop a regular informative Newsletter to go to interested individuals and groups across the country and keep news flowing for celebration and prayer.
  • Utilize video conferencing technologies to keep in touch with leadership teams, Projects, Plants and interested supporters.
  • Source and circulate useful resources and materials to those undertaking Projects
  • Provide or arrange sacramental support, where possible, for initiatives that need it.