The second stage in the planting process is for a Project to become a PLANT

A Plant will be led by a Priest or Deacon who may initially be appointed part-time.  A Plant should also have a regular Sunday service/gathering (not necessarily always celebrating communion).


  1. When you are ready to move your existing meeting to Sunday, or want to add a Sunday service gathering to your existing ministry, your Project may be ready to become a Plant.  
  2. The Sunday service may not necessarily celebrate communion every week but Explorers will be happy to help find a priest who can come and celebrate with you occasionally if possible.
  3. Based on your budget and income, you will look to appointing a clergy leader (if the Project is not already led by one).  The bishop will be actively involved in this process.
  4. Define your strategy for ministry and outreach, and review your budget and income.  Explorers is always there to help.
  5. It will be key for the long-term growth of the Plant that there is a strong outreach program.  Explorers will be happy to assist in identifying opportunities and setting plans.
  6. Begin to get the basic ministries up and running: e.g. Outreach & neighbourhood ministry, Worship team, Sunday School, etc.


  1. Find a place for your Sunday meeting and make necessary arrangements for renting and/or setup.
  2. Form a vestry (church board) which will include at least: People's warden, Rector's Warden, and Treasurer.  This is done by vote of the whole congregation.
  3. Establish the essential teams to support the ministry (e.g. Setup, worship, follow-up, etc)
  4. A Plant will take responsibility for its own affairs and develop a plan to begin administering its own finances if it is not already doing so.  Donations may still be receipted through ANiC.