Consider ...

Canada has 3 cities with over 1 million people, another 51 with populations over 100,000 and 235 with populations over 10,000.

As things stand (July 2019), ANiC would need to plant just 37 more churches to be represented in every separate population centre with more than 50,000 residents.


we would need about 973 churches to cover most of the populated areas of Canada.

Be encouraged, however,

our province (The Anglican Church in North America - ACNA) is now planting a church somewhere in North America every 10 days!

Through the new Anglican Explorers initiative, structures are being put in place to identify, recruit, train & deploy church Planters and to help a small group in a living room become an ANiC Project, then an ANiC Plant, and finally an ANiC Parish. 

  • Email Anglican Explorers to make contact and join the drive!
  • Our Province gives leadership to encourage Church Planting under the ministry Always Forward.
  • Currently, there are openings for Church Planters in the Buckley Valley, North Vancouver and the Kelowna Area.  Contact us to get information on one of these, or to advise of a new opportunity.