The third and final stage of establishing a thriving and enduring ministry is to become a PARISH

A parish has a weekly Sunday Service, as well as other ministries, and is led by a priest.


  1. When you are in a position to hold a weekly Sunday Service and appoint a Priest with salary (part-time or full-time), you are ready to consider becoming a Parish.
  2. The process of appointing a priest will be in close consultation with the bishop.  The priest must be licensed by ANiC.
  3. A parish will usually have ministries for for all age groups - both children (e.g. Sunday School, Youth), and adults (e.g. small groups).
  4. A Parish will have clear plans for both discipleship and evangelism.


  1. Formation of a Parish must have approval from the bishop and meet the requirements specified by ANiC.
  2. To become a parish you must begin the process of incorporation (to become a legal entity - usually called a "Society") which includes adopting a constitution.  The law governing a "society" may vary from province to province.  Explorers, or the ANiC office, can assist and advise in this process.
  3. Once you are incorporated make application for a Charitable Number from Canada Revenue so that you can start receipting your own donations.