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Deacon Paul Robinson, his wife Kristin and baby Dorothea, live in The Burrow.  Paul is associated with Sojourn Church at the University of British Columbia, where Fr. Geoff Chapman serves as Rector.  Part of Paul's ministry is Saint Thomas Mission, a community and centre of Christian hospitality and study.
The hub of Saint Thomas Mission is The Burrow.  The Burrow is an intentional community home, where UBC students, Regent College students, and working professionals live.  They are committed to being an authentic community with one another and a welcoming home to friends and strangers alike.
Activities at Saint Thomas Mission include: home-cooked meals, 'table talk' and prayer, open house study hours with baking, as well as guest speakers, film nights and book clubs.  Participants include residents of The Burrow, plus a wider circle of friends, especially UBC students.  Paul has used his gifts to find traction for this ministry.  The aim is to equip members of the UBC Community to behold and uphold Jesus Christ in all things.  For those who wish to support there is a giving tab on their website