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The Rev. Ryan Matchett (shown here with his family) is the Rector of Oceanside, B.C.  He was a guest for our Coast to Coast Explorers Zoom Panel recently.  He shared what has been happening in his parish through Facebook Ads.

He first makes a post for upcoming services.  He then choses the option to "boost the post".  You set the dollar limit you want to spend, pick the geographic area or field you want to reach, and the number of days for the ad to run.

The results were amazing.  His parish would normally have 75 at a Sunday Service, but the ads reach 2700 households.  The cost is about 3 cents each!.  Admittedly, because the ads are set to run automatically, not every contact has clicked to show interest.  But for $81.00 the parish has greatly expanded its reach and become better known in the community.  Those who watch the service are invited to be in touch.

Similar ingenuity is being implemented by Archdeacon Darrell Critch and Good Samaritan Parish in Newfoundland.  I joined in their worship one Sunday and found that 783 others had also!  He also uses Facebook Ads, although he never imagined he would.

The Church is all about connectedness, and what a great new tool to connect.  We seek to connect with each other, connect all people to the life of God through Christ, and to connect people with a better and hopeful future!