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The era of Covid has been extremely challenging for our churches and our clergy.  It has been a time of ingenuity and invention.  Many have had to pivot quickly from "in person" to "online" and back again.

An aircraft is engineered with resilience and redundancy built in.  There are two fuel tanks.  If one doesn't work you can switch to the other one.  There is a gyroscope and a magnetic compass.  If one isn't working, try the other.  If the hydraulics are out, there is a hand pump for the landing gear.  Wherever possible, a back up is built in.

Our parishes are now the same.  Many are reporting new people come "in person" because they gained a sense of belonging from the "online worship".  Many intend to keep online activities even when they return fully "in person".  Some have had success with online programs such as Alpha.

Archdeacon Rob Szo, at Church of Our Lord in Victoria, is working with Parish Council to budget for additional resources for online ministry and quality equipment and technical help.

Although Covid has been a serious challenge for the church, lots have made it a time of learning and new opportunity.