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Archbishop Foley writes in the Apostle Magazine, "A few weeks ago, I asked one of our provincial leaders to run a report and tell me how many congregations we have in the ACNA.
It is hard to believe, but it is true: Across both the US, Canada, and Mexico from coast to coast (plus Hawaii and Alaska!), and from the cold north to warm south, in small towns and large cities, in college towns, inner city neighborhoods, suburban communities, we have congregations of all kinds of sizes and strengths and ages.

There are 1,053 congregations in our movement. This is a number that makes me so thankful for God's incredible faithfulness.

  • One church meets in a coffee shop on Sunday morning because, well, it IS a coffee shop the six other days a week!
  • One church is so close to a Florida beach that they do not have or own a baptismal font! They baptize their new believers and infants right into the surf of the Gulf of Mexico!
  • One church is meeting in a nursing home for the elderly. They are bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to these dear residents as they complete the last part of their life.
  • More than a few churches have sprung up in college towns.
  • Numerous congregations have completed significant building programs.
  • Many of our churches are meeting in schools, retail spaces, community centers, or other rented facilities including hospitality from other Christian churches."