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Many of our churches are investing large amounts of time and energy into their online services.  As the pandemic lingers, many churches are continuing their efforts, or even considering a permanent ministry of this kind.
The question then becomes how to make maximum contact with those within your area.  How do you get to know them?  How do you invite them into your "in person" community when the pandemic wanes?
One of the ways to get word out about your online services is to place a digital ad on a platform such as Google, or Facebook.  Typically the platforms provide lots of help in the steps involved.  You register as an organization.  You can select the geographical range of your ad.  Most importantly for small churches, you can set a limit on the monthy cost such as $60 per month.  You pay a few cents every time someone visits your webpage or clicks on your service, up to the limit you have set.
Contact can be made by inviting them first to your online services, then to email your parish, or join an online bible study or prayer group.  If you or your parish are involved in digital advertising, please be in touch with Explorers to share what you are learning.  The Church advances by attraction rather than promotion.  But to attract, people have to know you are there, get engaged, and make contact. Digital ads hold real promise for expanding our reach and making those connections!