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Our Church Planting Committee has identified at least  ten different models.
Church Planting Models-
(Without external membership or finances)

  1. The Transplant- a portion of a church body moves to the jurisdiction of ANiC. St. John’s Vancouver, Saint Matthew’s Abbotsford, All Saints Bona Vista.
  2. The Organic Plant- a group gathers around a leader or study group to spontaneously form an ANiC project with few external resources.  Resurrection Kelowna, Ascension Langley, Christ the King Toronto
  3. The Embedded Model- A leader who can be prepared locally for ordination gathers a team to launch a plant. A hosting church is identified and linked where possible. Christ the King Sussex NB
  4. The Tent Maker Model- A leader is co-vocational and leaves a host parish to establish a team and a plant in a new area.  All Saints Calgary
  5. The Missioner Model-A co-vocational ordained person goes to an area without an ANiC presence to minister to isolated individuals and groups and to scout out possibilities for a future community.  Cariboo District BC, Gulf Islands BC.

(With a sponsor parish, a transferred launch team, or with sizeable external funding)

  1. The Strategic Plant- an initiative is formed with an assessed church planter, a clear vision, and considerable external resources, in a key area. 
  2. The Satellite Model- a church begins nearby congregations but maintains a single budget, staff etc. until the plant is well established.  KingsCross Burnaby
  3. The Traditional Model- A parish sends a considerable team and an ordained minister to a nearby area and guarantees resources for a specific time until the plant is established.  St. John’s Richmond
  4. The Missionary Model-An ordained person and family leaves the parish they attend to plant a church. They have raised their support. They have a clear sponsoring church.  They may move some distance away.  Charlottetown PEI
  5. The Replant- A small church in danger of shrinking is given fresh leadership, resources or partnerships to expand their work. St. Simon’s North Vancouver

*Many ANiC churches have characteristics of more than one of the above models.