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Canon George Sinclair and Messiah Ottawa have been leaders in church planting.  Recently they have hosted the new church in Kanata ON, as well as supported the new plant in Charlottetown PEI.
George works on the Church Planting Committee which advises our bishops.  Here is a summary of a recent contribution to this work.

  • Our efforts should help God to raise up self-sustaining and enduring  Anglican Churches in every region of Canada
  • All things come from Him, and only God can sovereignly accomplish this
  •  I believe in having a robust ministry to new Canadians that both helps our churches include new Canadians and also plants “new Canadian” churches as a matter of urgent prayer and work
  • The day of the “all things to all people local parish church” is over. So a planter has to be able to articulate a clear ministry DNA and a reasonable plan for raising up an enduring church
  • There has to be a clear theological and missiological alignment between the sponsor church and the plant
  • I think we should focus on a Book of Acts model, which means planting churches in cities first, and from the city to the small towns and countryside around the city
  • Successful plants often have a strong couple at the heart of it all
  • The model I am proposing can lead to a revolution in planting. Every church can pray that the Lord will raise up more planters. Every church can raise money to support this. And many smallish churches might very well be equipped to be a sponsoring church