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A lone ANiC Lay Person, Lorna, recently moved to the Leamington ON area where there are no ANiC Parishes within commuting distance.  How could she find friends to pray with, and develop a lay ministry?

She had previously been involved online with an English Second Language (ESL) program offered by our Toronto parish.  How might she develop this further in her own location?  

Lorna writes, " I have had a picture in my heart, I guess you could say of what an ESL ministry could look like in an ANIC church or frankly any solid church with a heart for the Nations we have on our doorstep. I have just officially become an Literacy and Evangelism Volunteer Missionary..."

She knows of other places in Ontario where small churches have developed an extensive ESL ministry both "in person" and "online".

She offers this link to free materials from Light of the World,

Those who would like to discuss this work further are invited to contact her at  .