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Patricia and Edward Field retired from their teaching careers and moved to Maple Bay in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.  Formally members of Saint Matthew’s, Abbotsford, it was challenging with no ANiC church nearby.  They were driving an hour South to Victoria at least once a month to attend Church of the Open Gate, or Church of Our Lord.  Then they met Rev. Douglas and Patti Patstone several times, and hosted a Sunday morning Eucharist service in their home.  They are missing ANiC services, but have heard from someone in the Valley who would like to join an ANiC house church. There are discussions with Archdeacon Rob Szo from Church of Our Lord, about possibilities for meeting in their home.

Patricia writes, "We are very thankful for our monthly “Anglican Explorers” group which brings together ANiC folk from Newfoundland in the East to Vancouver Island in the West.  It’s an inspiring and encouraging fellowship that we have via Zoom.  Thank you, Bishop Ron, for facilitating and leading us!"