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Some Interesting Statistics!
  • 25% of Anglicans in Church on Sunday in the Vancouver Area are in Anglican Network Churches.
  • 5% of Anglicans in Church on Sunday in Canada are in Anglican Network Churches.
  • There are 7 Provinces of the Anglican Communion that are smaller in Average Sunday Attendance than our Province, the Anglican Church in North America.
  • About 2/3 of Anglican Network salaried clergy have been ordained in the Anglican Network.
  • The Anglican Network has benefited from an influx of young leaders seeking a Church that is biblical, liturgical, global and mission centred.  The Artizo Institute hosted by St. John's Vancouver is emblematic of the inflow of dedicated new leadership.  .  Regent College Vancouver has been another strength.
  • By 2030 Canada's three largest cities are forecast to have more than 50% of the populations born outside of Canada.  Asian and Multicultural Ministries is led by Area Bishop Stephen Leung and hosts ministries to Cantonese, Filipino, South Asian, Japanese, Sudanese, and Mandarin people.  
  • Our Explorers Zoom Calls recently connected:  Whitehorse, Quesnel, Calgary, Delta, North Bay, Duncan, Bona Vista, Athabasca, plus more!  "Seed Community" members are needed for projects starting in North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Whitehorse, Duncan and elsewhere.  For further info contact Bishop Ron Ferris at