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Our former Primate used to speak of "Anglican Fever".  Many pastors trained in other biblical churches are delighted to find our church which is biblical, sacramental, missional, and global.  They, and sometimes their congregations are wanting to discern a move to ANiC and are regularly in contact with our bishops.  There are many bible students who are also hearing the same calling.
Packer College has recently designed an online series of courses just for them.  The description is as follows:

"All persons seeking ordination to the priesthood in the Anglican Network in Canada are required to demonstrate proficiency in ten Anglican-specific competencies in addition to proficiency in general Bible, theology, church history, and pastoral ministry.


The aim of Packer’s Anglican Studies Program is to supplement general divinity studies with a comprehensive exploration of Anglican history, theology, ministry, polity, liturgy, and spirituality. The program is primarily for persons graduating from non-Anglican seminaries seeking holy orders in the Anglican Network in Canada diocese. "

For more information or to register visit: